What are the UK’s most dangerous jobs?

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As an established independent insurance broker, Northern Alliance deal with many clients that have large risks associated with it. It is our job to ensure you are fully covered and have that peace of mind should the worst happen.

We have come into contact with business owners who want the best deal possible, which is perfectly understandable. By doing this they are willing to cut corners & potentially leave them themselves under insured if the worst should happen.

So we thought we would provide a brief summary of the most dangerous jobs, which may make you think twice about cutting corners & going for the cheapest option.

Farming & Fishing

Let’s start with the farming & fishing industry. Although Agriculture makes up a rather low proportion of the job market, there were 33 fatal injuries according to the latest statistics.

There are many reasons why this sector is a high-risk industry. Some of the most common reasons for accidents are machinery not being properly maintained, training of farmers had not been adequate enough or individuals falling from heights.

In 2011 a farmer in Coventry, who had an accident when he was just 23. “I’m 30 now and I wish I’d just trusted what I’d done and left it alone.”


Whilst injuries and deaths have fallen in recent years they still represent a high risk for accident & death. Commercial fishermen remain one of the most dangerous professions out there. According to a study from Oxford University
Fishermen are 50 times more likely to have a fatal accident compared to other professions.


If you thought the farming & fishing industry was bad, the construction industry has a rather high number of accidents & fatalities. The total number of fatal injuries came to 49 in the year.

The riskiest professions include roofers, scaffolders, steeplejacks, plumbers & steel workers. Most accidents occurred from slips, trips, falls & electrical shocks.

Another risk factor is from hazardous exposures that can lead to cancer and severe illness in later life. Over 5000 such cases are reported a year.



The manufacturing industry only accounts for 10% of the total workforce but has around 31 fatalities a year. This is a vast improvement from over 20 years ago, with average fatalities reaching the hundreds.

Exposures in the manufacturing sector also accounts for nearly 2000 occupational cancer cases a year.


Miners & rig workers

Safety has improved greatly over recent years but that has still not eradicated the risk for miners or rig workers. This still remains one of the riskiest professions out there.

There are a number of hazards that make miners a high-risk profession. Those include risk of roof cave-ins, flooding, explosions & fires. The other main concern when working down a mine is the lack of ventilation and the mining dust can cause damage to lungs many years later.

Offshore rig workers have one of the largest risks of all, due to extreme weather, remote location of the rig & the heavy machinery involved.

Other risky professions

The other risky jobs out there include; circus acts, dangerous sports such a motor racing drivers. Other professions such as journalists, cameramen & private security guards can be exceptionally dangerous, especially if reporting within war zones etc.

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