Electric Vehicle Charging Point Insurance

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Insurance

The Governments (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) OLEV strategy of “Road to Zero” sets out a path for Britain to be a leader in the zero emission revolution. The launch of a £400 million Charging Infrastructure Investment fund has created opportunities for new and existing companies to produce and install charge points throughout the UK.

Northern Alliance can provide bespoke insurance cover for your EV Charging Points.

Whether you are an installer, investor / funder, owner or project manager of a EV project/s we can offer bespoke insurance cover for both the construction / erection and operational phase of your EV project.

  • All Risks Cover – Cover against Damage to charging points & associate equipment. Perils include Fire, Storm, Theft, Accidental & Malicious Damage
  • Loss of Revenue – Cover against the loss of Income following damage to your EV charging point.
  • Public Liability Insurance – Cover protecting against damage to third party property and injury to third parties e.g Power Surge to connected vehicles.
  • Public Liability – The (special purpose vehicle) SPV / Project Owner may rent vehicle parking spaces and the lease agreement could make the project owner responsible for the space / upkeep.
  • Employers Liability Insurance – Required if SPV has more than one Director.
  • Legal Expenses

Please contact a member of our team to discuss your insurance requirements, Tel No 01924 232912 or ian.jones@alliancebrokers.co.uk