Insurance for the Construction Industry

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Over recent years we have worked closely with our Construction clients to gain a real understanding of their insurance needs. Together with our insurer partners we are now able to offer market leading insurance solutions to the Construction industry –

  • Premiums savings up to 40%
  • Market leading covers
  • Cover placed with ‘A’ rated insurers
  • Bespoke/Exclusive covers to the Construction industry

Our Approach

Our approach to reviewing your commercial insurance arrangements is different from our broker rivals. The market perception being that the more insurers approached the best deal will follow. We however believe a more focused approach to broking generates better results and we therefore only work with a select number of insurers on each risk. Our approach allows us to

  • enhance the prospect of real & meaningful premium savings without compromising the cover, service or the quality of the insurers
  • it ensures the approach is focused purely on results rather than simply on how many different insurers are approached on your behalf
  • it avoids multiple presentations being sent to the same insurers by several different brokers which does little to create any serious interest in your company

Our Service

Should you have the misfortune of having to claim under your policy we pride ourselves on offering a dedicated 24/7 claims service. Our claims manager has over 30 years experience in insurance claims having managed claims departments within large insurers himself.

In addition to our usual claims service we also offer all Northern Alliance clients our bespoke Claims Consultancy/Loss Recovery service. As a client of ours you will be assigned a fully qualified chartered loss adjuster in the event of a claim who will assist in the preparation and compiling of a claim, benefits include –

  • General risk management advice on any business situation from which a potential claim to your insurers may arise.
  • Telephone assistance immediately an incident occurs that could give rise to a property or liability claim.
  • Immediate advice on evidence gathering to defend liability claims against you successfully – including those within the policy excess.
  • Practical help in compiling and presenting all claims.
  • For property and business interruption claims over £5,000 in value a professionally qualified chartered loss adjuster will be personally assigned to prepare your claim and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Your loss adjuster will act solely for you and be available to attend your premises within 48 hours, to discuss the claim, and represent you at meetings with the insurers’ representatives.
  • Your loss adjuster will give you advice relating to measures necessary or advisable to secure and make premises safe, to mitigate the loss, to salvage partially or undamaged goods and to minimise the disruption to you and your business.
  • Your loss adjuster will prepare and present your evidence that verifies the loss. He will also liaise with your accountants to prepare and quantify the business interruption claim.
  • Access to a legal telephone ‘hotline’ for free advice on insurance claims, employment and general litigation matters. Solicitors are available, if the need arises, to give this specialist advice at no charge.