Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation Insurance

Heating, Plumbing & Ventilation Contractor Insurance / Plumbers Insurance

As a practiced and seasoned contractor there is still always a chance of something going amiss. Having created a well thought of business you do not want to put it all at risk because your insurance policy wasn’t adequate.

Making sure you have the correct cover in place can be difficult & you will merit from having a specialist broker to liaise with insurers on your behalf. If the worst should happen and a claim is made against you then an expert adviser will also be on hand to help you through.

Whether you are an independent contractor or have a business with a work-force, Northern Alliance can provide a tailor-made solution as well as secure you competitive premiums.

The two prominent insurance covers are:

Public Liability Insurance

Even a seasoned contractor can have mishaps or oversights – that’s life. A faulty repair or missed connection could create a leak or weakness in a system. Property could be damaged. If it is regarded to be your, or someone working on your behalf’s, error then you may find a claim being made against you for substantial damages.

Employers Liability Insurance

If you employ anyone, or utilise sub-contractors for a job, you are required by law to have this cover.