Contract Works (Or Contractors All Risks) Insurance

Contract Works Insurance provides cover for the property being worked on, i.e. the ‘works’, (for example a new house or the extension being built on to a property).

The reasons for buying Contract Works cover are mainly that any damage that occurs to the ‘works’ being carried out can mean having to do the work twice for only one payment – for example if the extension catches fire or the roof blows off half way through the job.

Own Plant Insurance

An Own Plant insurance policy will include cover for any of your own plant, scaffolding, site huts or temporary buildings that are owned or hired by you.

Hired In Plant Insurance

If you hire in plant and equipment, it is likely that the owner of the equipment will hand over responsibility for any damage or theft to the machinery. By taking out Hired-in Plant Insurance, you will cover both the equipment and any liability you may have to the owner.

Tools Insurance

Tools are crucial to some businesses, particularly to those in the construction industry and to independent tradesmen. Protecting your tools with insurance means that you’ll have the peace of mind that they can be replaced with a minimum of disruption to your business activities.

The level of tools insurance varies. However, essentially it covers your hand-tools, power-tools and equipment for loss, damage or theft. If you store your tools overnight in a vehicle, you can get insurance to cover this circumstance as well. You can also get cover for your tools while they are in transit.