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Please note we have reduced opening hours over the festive period. The office will close on December 21st and will reopen December 27th. We will close again on December 28th until January 2nd 2019.

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Season’s greetings and Happy New Year!

Bluefin acquires Northern Alliance Brokers

National insurance broker Bluefin has acquired Northern Alliance Brokers based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

One of the UK’s leading insurance brokers, Bluefin currently employs over 1,400 staff in more than 40 offices. Northern Alliance, previously a member of Willis Network, will now complete the transition into the Bluefin group. All members of staff have been retained and the existing management will continue to lead the team adding to Bluefin’s existing presence in Yorkshire and marking the company’s sixth acquisition of the year.

Dan Maltby, Director at Northern Alliance commented: “It’s a pleasure to complete this deal to become part of Bluefin, a broker with significant reach and influence across the industry and a commitment to client service very much in line with our own. We look forward to growing as part of Bluefin using their significant experience in Yorkshire and nationwide.”

Robert Organ, CEO of Bluefin, commented: “We’re delighted to welcome Northern Alliance Brokers into the Bluefin group. Its Wakefield location and the make up of it’s book, including a noteworthy specialism in renewable energy, makes Northern Alliance an ideal fit for Bluefin and our strategy of acquiring top performing, specialist businesses.”

Insurance Act 2015

Important Changes for Policyholders and how these will impact on you

As a result of a recent act of parliament, the Insurance Act 2015, major changes have been made law in relation to Non-consumer Insurance Contracts. For the purposes of the Insurance Act 2015, non-consumers are defined as follows:-

  • Where the policyholder is a corporate entity
  • Where the policyholder is an individual and the contract of insurance is entered into wholly or mainly for purposes related to the individual’s trade, business or profession

This has a significant impact on the operation of your insurance policy, including your disclosure obligations towards insurers, warranties and fraud.

Duty Of Disclosure & Representation

The Insurance Act imposes an obligation on all policyholders to make a “fair presentation of the risk” prior to your Policy commencing.

What is a fair presentation of the risk?

This is one that discloses, in a manner that is reasonably clear and accessible, every material circumstance which is known or ought to be known by the Policyholder’s senior management, or those responsible for arranging insurance, following a reasonable search.

Material Circumstance – this is anything which would influence the judgement of a prudent insurer in determining whether to take the risk and, if so, on what terms. There is no specific limitation on what constitutes a material circumstance but examples include prior claims, your financial history, convictions of key personnel and your business activities.

Known or ought to be known – to disclose material circumstances that you actually know but also those you ought to know. If the information is readily available to you but you do not disclose it due to a lack of enquiry or “turning a blind eye” you will have breached your duty to fairly present the risk. Any knowledge we have as your broker must also be presented to Insurers.

Senior Management – for the purposes of the Act (but is not limited to) – Senior Management includes anyone who has a key role in making decisions on behalf of the business, even if they do not sit on the board or if they do not officially have a management role. You should take the time to carefully identify who within your business is best placed to identify any information that may be relevant to insurers when considering the particular risk and type of policy.

Reasonable Search – you are obliged to undertake a reasonable search. When considering the extent of your search you should take into account the nature of the insurance you wish to purchase and consider who within your organisation is best placed to provide relevant information.

Reasonably clear and accessible – all information must be provided to insurers in a clear and accessible manner. This means that information must not be provided in an ambiguous way. The new rules prevent Policyholders from concealing key facts amongst large volumes of less relevant or immaterial information.

What happens if you do not fairly present the risk?

Insurers do have differing remedies depending upon the nature of the breach and what would have happened had you fairly presented the risk:-

  • Deliberate or reckless presentation of the risk – insurers are entitled to avoid the policy and retain all premiums. Insurers can treat the policy as if it never existed and would result in no claims being paid. You could also be required to repay any claims payments that have already been made.
  • Failure to present the risk fairly however this was not deliberate or reckless – insurers may still avoid the policy if they can demonstrate that the policy would not have been provided if you had represented the risk fairly. Insurers could be required to repay the policy premium to you, although they would be required to make no payment in respect of claims and you would be required to repay any claims payments already made.
  • If Insurers can demonstrate that they would have provided a policy however on different terms, the policy would be treated as if those terms applied from the commencement of the policy. These additional terms could be increased excess or additional exclusions. The additional terms may result in no payment being made in respect of any particular claim.
  • If Insurers would have provided the policy and charged an increased premium – the amount insurers will pay will reduce by proportion to the difference between the premium actually paid and the premium that would have been charged had the risk been fairly presented. EG if a fair presentation would have resulted in the premium doubling, any claims payment under the policy will be halved.

What Does This Mean For You?

Overall the impact will be beneficial to policyholders, as they will benefit from greater clarity in understanding the laws that govern insurance contracts. Furthermore the sanctions available to insurers will be more proportionate.

  • Insurers will no longer be able to rely on “Basis of Contract” clauses to convert all representations into warranties./
  • In the event of a “breach of Warranty”, Insurers will only be allowed to refuse to pay a claim where the loss arose during a period of non-compliance. eg – if you breach a warranty (fail to set a fire alarm), cover will be re-instated as soon as you re-establish compliance. Cover is simply suspended during periods of non-compliance.
  • If the warranty is designed to reduce the risk of a certain type of loss or a loss at a certain place or time and the policyholder can demonstrate that the breach could not have increased the risk of that loss occurring, insurers must still pay the claim.


Historically in the event of a fraudulent claim being made against the policy, all cover under the policy ceased and insurers were entitled to retain the premium. The policyholder would also have to repay any claims payments already made. However, under the new regime, insurers will be entitled to terminate the policy from the date of the fraudulent claim or act, but must still cover claims arising from incidents occurring before the fraudulent act.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Executive or usual Northern Alliance contact should you wish to discuss the implications of The Insurance Act further. Alternatively, further discussions will form part of the annual review process at the next renewal of your current insurance arrangements.

Performance Shortfall Insurance

The insurance product from HSB Engineering has been specifically designed for companies investing / installing or financing green energy initiatives within commercial property e.g PV on rooftops, LED lighting, biomass boilers, heating/ventilation etc.

The policy besides covering the more traditional elements of cover such as asset protection and loss of revenue also covers the Performance Shortfall and subsequently pay for the difference in the estimated energy savings from the energy efficiency initiative and the actual savings.

The policy effectively removes the technical / performance uncertainty for both the building owner, energy service company or lender! Other benefits being that any loan repayments are protected with an improved availability of project funding.

Cover is arranged on a 5 year period and designed for Commercial Building Owners, Energy Service Companies and Banks / Funders.

View more details here:

Christmas Opening Times

Wishing you a relaxing Festive Season and a most prosperous, happy and healthy New Year!

Our opening hours are as follows over the Christmas period:-

Dec 23rd 9am-5.30pm
Dec 24th 9am-1pm
Dec 25th-28th Closed
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Dec 31st 9am-1pm

Jan 1st-3rd Closed
Jan 4th 9am-5.30pm

Normal opening hours:

Mon-Thursday 9am-5.30pm
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Sat-Sun Closed

Considerations for Wind Turbines

New Designs/Larger Turbines

As the wind energy sector develops so too does the complexity of the designs and size of the wind turbines themselves. In the event of breakdown or damage to the wind turbine there are increasing concerns to insurance companies regarding the cost and speed of delivery of replacement parts due to the advances in technology and design.

Delivery of Equipment/Spare Parts

With many of the wind turbine sites being located in rural/remote areas insurance companies have experienced inflated claims payments due to the length of time of delivery of replacement parts in the event of a claim arising.

The replacement parts can be severely delayed in arriving to the wind turbine site due to planning considerations for road closures in order to get the equipment through small/rural villages, the availability of specialist vehicles in transporting the equipment has also led to significant delays of parts reaching the wind turbine site. These problems can be heightened in winter months where some of the wind farms will not be accessible by road.

Theft and Damage to Equipment

During the construction/erection phase of the of the wind farms insurance companies have experience theft and malicious damage to turbines and other parts. The parts are often left unattended with very little forms of security for long periods during construction.

Lack of Qualified/Experience Maintenance Workers

There would appear to be a lack of qualified/experienced workers who are able to maintain/repair wind turbine equipment. The lack of required skills has resulted in issues for insurance companies who are covering the operational risks of the plant.

Increasing Demand of Financial Institutions

With many wind farms being backed by financial institutions who are ultimately looking for good financial returns on their investment comes with it additional pressures on both the construction and operation of the wind farm.

Insurance companies have seen wind turbines not maintained adequately or regular enough due to the fact any downtime in the equipment subsequently leads to a reduction in return for the investors. Similarly insurance companies have witnessed wind farms installed under very tight time deadlines which have led to badly installed turbines and injury to employees.

Bottleneck Manufacturing

Insurance companies have witnessed large delays in resourcing replacement parts particularly the larger parts such as the turbines themselves with manufacturers only making to order with many bottlenecks in the manufacturing process along the way.

Insurance for the Construction Industry

Over recent years we have worked closely with our Construction clients to gain a real understanding of their insurance needs. Together with our insurer partners we are now able to offer market leading insurance solutions to the Construction industry –

  • Premiums savings up to 40%
  • Market leading covers
  • Cover placed with ‘A’ rated insurers
  • Bespoke/Exclusive covers to the Construction industry

Our Approach

Our approach to reviewing your commercial insurance arrangements is different from our broker rivals. The market perception being that the more insurers approached the best deal will follow. We however believe a more focused approach to broking generates better results and we therefore only work with a select number of insurers on each risk. Our approach allows us to

  • enhance the prospect of real & meaningful premium savings without compromising the cover, service or the quality of the insurers
  • it ensures the approach is focused purely on results rather than simply on how many different insurers are approached on your behalf
  • it avoids multiple presentations being sent to the same insurers by several different brokers which does little to create any serious interest in your company

Our Service

Should you have the misfortune of having to claim under your policy we pride ourselves on offering a dedicated 24/7 claims service. Our claims manager has over 30 years experience in insurance claims having managed claims departments within large insurers himself.

In addition to our usual claims service we also offer all Northern Alliance clients our bespoke Claims Consultancy/Loss Recovery service. As a client of ours you will be assigned a fully qualified chartered loss adjuster in the event of a claim who will assist in the preparation and compiling of a claim, benefits include –

  • General risk management advice on any business situation from which a potential claim to your insurers may arise.
  • Telephone assistance immediately an incident occurs that could give rise to a property or liability claim.
  • Immediate advice on evidence gathering to defend liability claims against you successfully – including those within the policy excess.
  • Practical help in compiling and presenting all claims.
  • For property and business interruption claims over £5,000 in value a professionally qualified chartered loss adjuster will be personally assigned to prepare your claim and negotiate on your behalf.
  • Your loss adjuster will act solely for you and be available to attend your premises within 48 hours, to discuss the claim, and represent you at meetings with the insurers’ representatives.
  • Your loss adjuster will give you advice relating to measures necessary or advisable to secure and make premises safe, to mitigate the loss, to salvage partially or undamaged goods and to minimise the disruption to you and your business.
  • Your loss adjuster will prepare and present your evidence that verifies the loss. He will also liaise with your accountants to prepare and quantify the business interruption claim.
  • Access to a legal telephone ‘hotline’ for free advice on insurance claims, employment and general litigation matters. Solicitors are available, if the need arises, to give this specialist advice at no charge.

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10k Run for Macmillan Cancer Support

10k Run Macmillan

Northern Alliance will be running 10k at the Leeds Abbey Dash on the 16th November 2014, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Help us hit our target of £3,000 by visiting our Justgiving page and making a donation. Thank You!

UPDATE – 2/12/14

A big thank you to everyone who sponsored us! We raised a t total of £4,778.00!

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses cover can be arranged for the family, motor vehicles or commercial businesses. It can provide protection against the costs involved defending your interests in the event that civil or criminal convictions are brought against you. This article is focused on Commercial Legal Expenses insurance and how it can protect your business from unforeseeable legal issues that may arise.

Commercial Legal Expenses insurance can either be sold as an “add-on” to existing commercial risk policies such as Employers & Public Liability or sold separately on a stand-alone basis.

Defending the costs of your company’s legal rights should not be overlooked, especially for clients that can’t afford an in-house legal team. There is an ever-increasing amount of legislation that changes on a regular basis and is difficult to keep up to date with all of these changes.

Below is a list of claims that may arise and how commercial legal expenses cover can protect you.

Typical Claims Examples:

Employment Disputes Costs & Compensation Awards

An employee leaves their company suddenly and 2 months later claims constructive dismissal. We will fund solicitors to defend the employment tribunal proceedings and settle the solicitor’s fees and the award, if ordered by the court or by agreement between the parties subject to our consent.

Data Protection

An employer receives a letter from a Data Protection Officer complaining that they will not release data to an employee. We will fund the defence of the action the employee takes against their employer, obviously subject to us having reasonable prospects of success.

Prosecution Defence – Employers

A client is prosecuted for discharging toxic effluent into the local river. We will fund the legal fees in defending the case where, for example, the client can show that the effluent is being discharged from a neighbouring factory and not that belonging to them.

Prosecution Defence – Employees

A client owns a clothes shop. One of the employees is charged with false trade description by placing fake designer labels on clothing. We will fund the employee’s defence.

Property Disputes

A client owns a pub. One night an articulated lorry, which is attempting a three-point turn, crashes into the pub causing extensive damage. We will pursue a claim against the driver’s employers for any uninsured losses as a result of the damage to the pub and also for loss of profit whilst the building is being repaired.

VAT Disputes

A client submits his VAT return. The Inland Revenue comes back with a number of queries. We will fund the accountants to answer the Revenue’s enquiries.

In Depth Tax Investigation

A client receives a letter from the Inland Revenue saying an enquiry is being launched into business tax return for 98/99 tax year. Inland Revenue writes to accountants. We fund the cost of the accountant providing the necessary information to the IR.