Hydro Insurance

HydroPower Insurance

Northern Alliance has a wealth of experience in placing hydro insurance and have provided insurance solutions for micro, medium & larger hydro power projects. The projects have been both community funded and privately funded and have involved both the development of new sites and the renovation of existing water mills or former hydro sites.

Our hydro insurance cover offers bespoke cover from pre planning through to the site being fully operational. We can arrange hydro insurance for the following types of hydro projects –

  • Run-of-the-river:  the natural flow and elevation drop (head) of a river are used to generate electricity. Power stations of this type are built on rivers with a consistent and steady flow.
  • Diversion:  the supply of water is taken from a dammed river or lake to a remote powerhouse containing the turbine and generator. A Canal or low-pressure tunnel transports the water to this end point and then back to the river to continue its course.
  • Pumped Storage: water is pumped using reversible pumping/generating units from a lower reservoir to an upper reservoir when demand for electricity is low. During periods of high electricity demand, the water from the upper reservoir is released back to the lower reservoir through the reversible units to generate power.
  • Impoundment: river water is stored in a reservoir behind an impounding structure, typically a dam or a weir. The water is  released as needed to meet energy requirements.

Hydro Insurance for Construction/Erection Phase

  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Contractors All Risks insurance inc Contract Works Insurance
  • Delay in Start Up/Advanced Profits Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance/Marine Insurance
  • Environmental Liability Insurance
  • Legal Expenses

Hydro Insurance for Operational Phase

  • All Risks Insurance Cover for Plant/Equipment
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Loss of Revenue Insurance (Business Interruption cover)
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Legal Expenses

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